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What makes the Pietrain hog different from the other 8 we studied?
a) it's from America
b) it is overly fat
c) the meat is of poor quality
d) they are extremely muscular and lean

A _____________ is a castrated male pig.
a) gilt
b) dog
c) barrow
d) sow

The old Chester White ________________ has had many litters of piglets.
a) boar
b) barrow
c) sow
d) gilt

What is castration?
a) removal of the earlobes for superior hearing
b) removal of the testicles to improve meat quality
c) removal of the testicles to make the pig happier
d) removal of all the pig's baby teeth

Gestation is...
a) the time from fertilization to birth
b) time it takes to run 10 yards
c) time it takes to eat a gallon of feed
d) time it takes the piglet to wean

What does it mean if a pig is prolific?
a) they have alot of babies
b) they make a big mess
c) the eat alot and get really fat
d) they didn't get all the shots they needed

Which of the following is NOT a step in piglet care?
a) Iron Shots
b) Dock tails
c) calculate longevity
d) clip teeth

When should you do all 6 steps in piglet care?
a) when they are 3 days old
b) before they are weaned
c) as soon as they are born
d) in the first year

The ________ number is in the right ear and the ________ number is in the left.
a) pig, litter
b) litter, pig
c) mom, baby
d) last name, first name

When ear notching a piglet, how many notches are allowed in each quadrant?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 1
d) 6

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