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What does the U.S. rank in world wind hog production?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What are the 2 categories of swine?
a) mother & father
b) maternal and sire
c) terminal sire & maternal
d) mom & meat

Which pig is black with 6 white points and erect ears?
a) Chester White
b) Poland China
c) Berkshire
d) Hampshire

This breed is called "the mother breed."
a) Berk
b) Yorkshire
c) Chester White
d) Landrace

This breed was probably the first breed developed in the U.S.
a) Chester White
b) Yorkshire
c) Spots
d) Hampshire

This breed was developed in Pennsylvania.
a) Yorkshire
b) Hampshire
c) Chester White
d) Landrace

This red hog has a very desirable carcass.
a) Hampshire
b) Duroc
c) Red Pig
d) Spots

Where was the Poland China breed developed?
a) Poland
b) Beijing
c) Europe
d) U.S.

What is a distictive quality of a Landrace hog?
a) bacon
b) quality meat
c) longer body
d) red color

This breed is from Indiana and gains weight rapidly.
a) Chester White
b) Pietrain
c) Spots
d) Duroc

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