Homophones Lesson 1 Question Preview (ID: 334)

Identify Sentences Where Homophones Are Used Correctly. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In which sentence is blew used correctly?
a) The wind blew across the ocean and made lots of big waves.
b) The flag is red, white, and blew.
c) I feel really blew today because I did not sleep well last night.
d) My new dress has blew flowers on it.

In which sentence is the word hour used correctly?
a) The bus will leave the school in one hour.
b) This is hour house and we need to paint it.
c) Last night hour dog got loose and ran all over the neighborhood.
d) I will take our books back to the library.

In which sentence is the word seas used correctly?
a) The sailors traveled the deep blue seas before they got back home.
b) The robbers will seas the money at the bank.
c) Tom seas three geese on the pond.
d) Bill will seas the basketball and shoot it to win the game!

In which sentence is the word pair used correctly?
a) I need to buy a new pair of shoes for the dance.
b) Tom ate a pair on his break time.
c) Mary will pair the carrots so we can eat them.
d) Bill would like to plany pair trees in his backyard.

In which sentence is the word too used correctly?
a) Dad ate too much pizza and now he is not feeling well.
b) Mom and I went too the hospital to visit a friend.
c) I have one brother and too sisters.
d) The class will go too art on Monday.

In which sentence is the word pear used correctly?
a) The lady is looking for fresh pears at the grocery store.
b) I would like to have a new pear of boots before winter.
c) Do you like to pear potatoes before boiling them?
d) Sam and I will pear up to do a project for science.

In which sentence is the word two used correctly?
a) My sister has two new dresses for spring.
b) I would like to get to school before it is two late.
c) We went to two many places when we were shopping.
d) Sam and Mel went two the zoo on Saturday.

In which sentnce is the word dew used correctly?
a) Some mornings the ground is covered with dew.
b) When is your library book dew?
c) Dew you know how to play the piano?
d) Will you dew all of your work at home?

In which sentence is the word there spelled correctly?
a) I live over there in that big apartment building.
b) Is this there new car?
c) I wonder if there going to the ballgame tonight?
d) I want to go to there birthday party on Saturday.

In which sentence is the word bear spelled correctly?
a) A bear is a mamal that hibernates during the winter.
b) The trees are bear in winter.
c) I like to walk in warm sand with bear feet.
d) My bear hands got very cold when I played in the snow without my gloves.

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