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The __ is located along the 180th meridian.
a) international date line
b) prime meridian
c) time zone
d) meridian

When the international date line is crossed going east, 1 day is __.
a) multiplied
b) added
c) subtracted
d) divided

When the international date line is crossed going west, 1 day is __.
a) multiplied
b) added
c) subtracted
d) divided

The measure of distance north and south of the equator is called __ and is measured by parallel.
a) longitude
b) latitude
c) equal-area projections
d) mercator projections

__ show locations and distances on the Earth's surface.
a) Longitude
b) Mercator projections
c) Equal-area projections
d) Maps

__ are used to for navigation.
a) Equal-area projections
b) Mercator projections
c) Latitudes
d) Maps

__ show area correctly, but the shapes are distorted.
a) Latitudes
b) Maps
c) Mercator projections
d) Equal-area projections

A map tht shows the different shapes and sizes of a land surface is called a __ .
a) topographic map
b) Equal-area projection
c) Mercator projection
d) time zone

Most topographic maps use __ to show relief.
a) latitudes
b) longitudes
c) contour lines
d) time zones

Topographic maps may show . . .
a) roads, hills, mountains, plateaus
b) cities, roads, hills, mountains
c) cities, roads, woods, rivers
d) cities, roads, parks, and railroads

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