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How long is a pig's gestation period?
a) 114 days
b) 3months 4 weeks and 5 days
c) 9 months
d) 5 weeks 3 days

A _____________ is a female pig that has never had a litter.
a) boar
b) gilt
c) sow
d) calf

A _________________ is a male that has not been casterated.
a) gilt
b) sow
c) barrow
d) boar

What is the most important shot for a piglet?
a) calcium
b) iron
c) protein
d) insulin

Who ranks #1 in world wide swine production?
a) United States
b) Texas
c) China
d) Iowa

Within the U.S., what does Texas rank in swine production?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 12
d) 15

What are maternal breeds used for?
a) milking
b) mothering abilities
c) meat
d) bacon

What is the universal identification system for pigs?
a) ear tags
b) micro chips
c) tattoos
d) ear notches

Which pig would you raise for meat?
a) Poland China
b) Chester White
c) Landrace
d) Yorkshire

Why do we raise terminal sire breeds?
a) piglets
b) quality meat
c) bacon fat
d) fur

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