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What did Ruth find out at the doctor's office?
a) She was pregnant.
b) Beneatha was pregnant.
c) She was suffering from depression.
d) She was exhausted and needed rest.

Where did Ruth actually go instead of the doctor's office?
a) To check up on Beneatha.
b) To look for a new house.
c) To see a woman about having an abortion.
d) To find out where the money was.

How did Ruth find out Walter hadn't been going to work?
a) Walter's bosses wife called.
b) Beneatha saw him.
c) Ruth saw him on her way back from the doctor's office.
d) Walter told her.

What present did Mama get?
a) A plant and gardening tools.
b) A plant and a hat.
c) Gardening tools and a hat.
d) A plant, gardening tools and a hat.

How did Asagai define idealists?
a) They are those who are also assimilationist.
b) They are those who see the changes in life.
c) They are the intellectuals.
d) They are those who refuse to think.

What fault does Mama find with herself?
a) She's been dependent on Walter too long.
b) She's been too critical of Walter.
c) She aimed too high.
d) She lost her faith.

What solution does Walter have?
a) Accept the money from Lindner.
b) Borrow money to put Beneatha through school.
c) Find Willy.
d) All move to Nigeria.

What news did Bobo bring to Walter?
a) Willy died.
b) Walter got fired.
c) The Clybourne Park Improvement Association wanted to buy him out.
d) Willy took the money and ran.

Where had Walter been going instead of to work?
a) The local bar with Billy and Bobo.
b) Driving and walking and watching people and thinking.
c) Looking for a new house.
d) Looking for a better job.

What happened to Ruth at the end of Act 1 Scene 1?
a) Walter hit her.
b) She burned herself while ironing.
c) She fainted.
d) She burst into tears.

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