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What did Mama do with her money?
a) Made a down payment on a home.
b) Gave it all to Walter.
c) Put it all away for Beneatha's education.
d) Left it in the bank.

What was Walter's reaction to Mama's purchase?
a) He was elated.
b) he was tired to care.
c) He was understanding.
d) He was disappointed.

What did Mama do for Walter?
a) Covered for him by lying to his boss.
b) Talked to Ruth to smooth things over.
c) Moved out.
d) Gave him the remaining money.

Who was Karl Lindner, and why did he visit the Younger's house?
a) Walter's boss.
b) Repressentative from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association.
c) Representative from the NAACP.
d) Ruth's doctor.

What was Walter's reaction to Lindner?
a) He accepted Lindner's offer.
b) He personally disliked Lindner but agreed in principle.
c) He told Lindner to leave their apartment.
d) He like Lindner and all that he stood for.

Why didn't Beneatha want to be a doctor anymore?
a) She sees no human battle worth fighting; no human life worth saving.
b) She decides to go to Africa instead.
c) She doesn't want to have to treat the oppressors.
d) She's tired of school and intellectual ideas.

How did Asagai define idealist
a) They are those who are also assimilationists.
b) They are those who refuse to think.
c) they are the intellectuals.
d) They are those who see the changes in life.

Why didn't Walter take the money Lindner offered?
a) It wasn't enough money.
b) His conscience wouldn't let him ruin his family's pride.
c) Willy returned the money he took.
d) Mama wouldn't let him.

Why was Ruth upset when Walter gave Travis money?
a) She was trying to save money for Beneatha's education.
b) They didn't have the money to spare.
c) She was mad at Walter anyway. The money was just an excuse to vent her feelings.
d) Travis was too young to get any money.

Where did Ruth actually go instead of the doctor's office?
a) To check up on Beneatha.
b) To look for a new house.
c) To see a woman about having an abortion.
d) To find out where the money was.

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