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What is the main source of energy that drives the water cycle?
a) atmospheric gases
b) photosynthesis
c) water
d) the Sun

Which of the following BEST explains why there are more craters on the moon than on Earth?
a) The moon has no atmosphere
b) The moon has a weaker gravitational force.
c) The Earth has rarely been struck by meteors.
d) The moon is smaller than the earth.

The force of attraction between the Earth and an object is called
a) magnetism
b) gravity
c) energy
d) mass

Of the following, which can be found on Earth but does NOT exist on the moon?
a) craters
b) rocks
c) rivers
d) mountains

How long does it take for the Earth to rotate on its axis?
a) One Day
b) one season
c) One year
d) one month

Which tow planets are closest to Venus?
a) Earth and Mercury
b) Mars and Earth
c) Mercury and Saturn
d) The Sun and Mars

Why are we able to see the moon at night?
a) The moon produces its own light.
b) The moon reflects the light of the sun.
c) The light of the Earth shines on the moon,
d) The rocks on the moon glow in the dark.

A complete lunar cycle takes about ___ days.
a) 15
b) 28
c) 3
d) 18

On Earth we experience night and day because of
a) the Moon revolving around the Earth
b) the Earth rotating on its axis
c) the Earth revolving around the Sun
d) the Moon rotating on its axis

Which force is the most likely cause of the changes on the moon\'s surface?
a) wind
b) meteorite impacts
c) plants
d) water

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