Analogies Quiz 3 Question Preview (ID: 332)

Read These Analogies And Test Your Ability To Make Word Comparisons. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Bee is to honey as cow is to
a) milk.
b) pork.
c) barn.
d) moo.

Goose is to geese as mouse is to
a) mice.
b) cheese.
c) tail.
d) rodent.

Daisy is to flower as oak is to
a) tree.
b) nut.
c) pasture.
d) book.

Milk is to glass as coffee is to
a) cup.
b) sugar.
c) hot.
d) black.

A petal is to a flower as a page is to a
a) book.
b) word.
c) alphabet.
d) reading.

Car is to driver as airplane is to
a) pilot.
b) conductor.
c) singer.
d) teacher.

Cold is to ice cream as hot is to
a) soup.
b) pencil.
c) rabbit.
d) pencil.

Necklace is neck as bracelet is to
a) wrist.
b) finger.
c) foot.
d) nose.

Pickle is to jar as soda is to a
a) can.
b) milkshake.
c) button.
d) sack.

Round is to meatballs as square is to
a) ice cube.
b) orange.
c) strawberry.
d) pencil.

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