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These continents make up the largest landmass on Earth.
a) Asia, Africa, Antarctica
b) Asia,, Africa, South America
c) Asia, Africa, Europe
d) Asia, Africa, North America

The second largest land mass is made up of ...
a) North America and South America
b) Europe and Asia
c) Africa and Asia
d) Europe and Australia

The third largest landmass is the continent of ...
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Australia
d) Antarctica

The ___ is the largest in the world and extends into the surrounding ocean.
a) Hawaiian Islands
b) Antarctic icecap
c) Mississippi River
d) Great Plains

The Antarctic icecap contains almost __ of the ice on the Earth's surface.
a) 30%
b) 50%
c) 80%
d) 90%

The smallest landmass still considered a continent is ...
a) Australia
b) Africa
c) Antarctica
d) South America

Australia is the only continent that is a single . . .
a) island
b) landmass
c) country
d) mountain

__ is referred to as an island continent.
a) Australia
b) Hawaii
c) Greenland
d) Antarctica

Weather conditions surch as __ change the surface.
a) wind and rain
b) rain and sleet
c) heat and cold
d) wind and heat

The shape of the Earth's surface is . . .
a) equal-area projections
b) troposphere
c) topography
d) mercator projections

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