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Color And Shape Terms.

Two colors which are directly opposite each other on the color wheel.
a) Complementary colors
b) Analogous colors
c) Warm Colors
d) Cool Colors

Red, orange and yellow, usually associated with sun or fire.
a) Warm colors
b) Cool colors
c) Objective colors
d) Subjective colors

Vivid color is high, a dull color is low.
a) Intensity
b) Value
c) Hue
d) Neutralized color

A color that has been grayed or reduced in intensity by mixture with a complementary color.
a) Neutralized color
b) Intensity
c) Objective color
d) Analogous color

The color of an object as seen by the eye (green grass, blue sky, red fire, etc.)
a) Objective color
b) Subjective color
c) Neutralized color
d) Analogous color

Colors chosen by the artist without regard to the natural appearance of the object portrayed.
a) Subjective Color
b) Objective Color
c) Analogous Color
d) Neutralizedcolor

Colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel.
a) Analogous colors
b) Complementary Colors
c) Neutralized colors
d) Cool colors

It refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. It indicates the quality of light reflected. Darker values are produced by adding black, while lighter colors are produced by adding white.
a) Value
b) Pigment
c) Hue
d) Intensity

The substance or powder that makes up the color of paint.
a) Pigment
b) Hue
c) Tint
d) Value

This designates the common name of a color and indicates its position in the spectrum or the color circle. This is considered the purest form of color, with no white, black, or grey added.
a) Hue
b) Pigment
c) Value
d) Intensity

Blue, green, violet, or blue-green; associated with air, sky and water.
a) Cool colors
b) Warm colors
c) Subjective colors
d) Objective colors

Measurable distances on a surface which show length and width but lack any illusion of thickness or depth.
a) Two-dimensional space
b) Three-dimensional space
c) Four-dimensional space
d) Infinite space

A sensation of space that seems to have length, width, and height to create visual or real depth.
a) Three-dimensional space
b) Two-dimensional space
c) Four-dimensional space
d) Infinite space

A highly imaginative treatment of forms that gives a sense of intervals of time or motion.
a) Four-dimensional space
b) Two-dimensional space
c) Three-dimensional space
d) Infinite space

A pictorial concept in which the illusion of space has the quality of endlessness found in the natural environment. The picture frame has the quality of a window through which one can see the endless recession of forms into space.
a) Infinite space
b) Two-dimensional space
c) Three-dimensional space
d) Four-dimensional space

The illusion of deep space produced by aerial perspective, lightening values, softening contours, reducing value contrasts, and neutralizing colors in objects as they recede.
a) Atmospheric
b) Infinite space
c) Convergence
d) Four-dimensional space

The visual illusion of apparent parallel lines meeting at a central point in infinite space.
a) Convergence
b) Infinite space
c) Atmospheric
d) Vanishing point

Oriented at your eye level regardless of the viewer's position. If the viewer looks up, the horizon line is lower in a picture plane; if the viewer looks down, the line is higher in the picture plane; if they look straight ahead the line is in the mi
a) Horizon line
b) Vanishing point
c) Convergence
d) Atmospheric

The point on the horizon line at which apparent parallel lines will converge.
a) Vanishing point
b) Convergence
c) Horizon Line
d) Infinite space

Being neither perpendicular nor parallel to a line.
a) Oblique
b) Vanishing point
c) Convergence
d) Horizon Line

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