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What is weathering?
a) Climate change over time.
b) The tearing down or cracking of rocks into smaller pieces.
c) Weather caused by the rock cycle.
d) A sedimentary rock changing into a metamorphic rock.

Which of these is NOT an example of weathering?
a) Ice freezes around a brick wall and when the ice melts, pieces of the wall fall off.
b) A cliff chips off because of pressure and gravity.
c) Tree roots crack a sidewalk.
d) A pebble settles to the bottom of the ocean.

What is the root word of Weathering?
a) ther
b) Weather
c) ing
d) We

What is the difference between weathering and erosion?
a) Weathering breaks down rocks and erosion carries them away.
b) Erosion breaks down rocks and weathering carries them away.
c) Erosion and deposition break apart rocks. Weathering is when rain carries rocks away.
d) Weathering and Erosion are the same thing.

What are plant roots reaching for when they break through rocks in a cliff or a sidewalk?
a) The Sun
b) Water
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Oxygen

Which of the following causes weathering?
a) extreme heat
b) wind
c) ice
d) all of these

About how long does the weathering and erosion process usually take?
a) a few days
b) a few years
c) 100 years
d) millions of years

How long did it take the Colorodo River to carve out the Grand Canyon?
a) 100 years
b) 1 million years
c) 6 million years
d) a few days

Which type of rock is normally made of weathered rocks?
a) Sedimentary Rock
b) Igneous Rock
c) Metamorphic Rock
d) None of these

Why does ice crack rock?
a) It doesn't.
b) Water creeps into cracks in the rock, freezes, and causes it to expand.
c) Ice forms around the rock and squeezes it until it breaks.
d) Water creeps into the rock causing it to contract and break.

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