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Huge, low density planets
a) Gaseous Planets
b) Rocky Planets
c) Dusty Planets
d) Dwarf Planets

Large chunk of ice, dust, frozen gases, and rock that orbits the sun.
a) Asteroid
b) Comet
c) Meteorite
d) Meteor

Large chunk of rock, smaller than a planet that orbits the sun.
a) meteor
b) meteoroid
c) asteroid
d) moon

A meteoroid in Earth's atmosphere
a) meteorite
b) comet
c) terrestrial
d) meteor

the birthplace of comets
a) Pluto
b) Oort Cloud
c) Asteroid belt
d) Charon

the formula for eccentricity
a) e=d/L
b) e=L/d
c) d=e/L
d) L=d/e

the four parts of a comet are: nucleus, ion tail, dust tail, and ____
a) head
b) ice
c) coma
d) none of the above

the proper term for a shooting star
a) Meteor
b) Meteoroid
c) Meteorite
d) comet

Which planet has the great dark spot
a) Venus
b) Jupiter
c) Saturn
d) Uranus

The planet that formed differently from the others
a) Earth
b) Jupiter
c) Saturn
d) Pluto

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