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Which of the following would be best considered as cascading
a) Walking to the store
b) A dog running
c) A waterfall
d) A flag blowing in the wind

Which might you MOST LIKEYLY document ?
a) When you invited friends to a party
b) Where you found your answers in book.
c) How often you watch tv
d) Why you like pizza

Which of the following might be dynamic ?
a) A spring
b) A sleepy cat
c) A book on a table
d) A magic marker

When might you BEST use the word plummeting ?
a) Sliding off a slide on a playground
b) Accidently falling from from a tree
c) When jumping from a diving board into a pool.
d) Jumping rope

What is the result of pulverizing something ?
a) Dust
b) Liquid
c) Cheese
d) All of these

Which of the following would be MOST LIKELY scalding ?
a) Hot cocoa
b) Lemonade
c) Warm soup
d) Ice cream

Which of the following would MOST LIKELY be shards ?
a) Broken glass
b) Small, sharp, jagged rocks
c) all of these
d) Tiny pieces of metal

Which words are similar ?
a) Plummeting / Casading
b) Documentation / Exerts
c) Dynamic / Scalding
d) Plummeting / Pulverize

Which word would fit best in this sentence ... The lava _____ out of the volcano.
a) dynamic
b) cascaded
c) documented
d) pulverized

Should you study these vocab word ?
a) All of these
b) Yes
c) I think so
d) You know it !

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