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Although Mercury is close to the sun, its nighttime temperatures are low because of its thin
a) surface
b) atmosphere
c) core
d) mantle

The solar system probably formed from a rotating ___ of gas and dust
a) planet
b) star
c) cloud
d) none of the above

Pluto is unlike the terrestrial planets in that it is composed of both rock and____
a) water
b) carbon dioxide
c) dust
d) ice

The atmosphere of Venus is primarily composed of ____gas
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen
c) nitrogen
d) carbon dioxide

Pluto's moon is called
a) Titan
b) Phobos
c) Europa
d) Charon

Our Sun and its planets ______
a) solar system
b) geocentric
c) orbits
d) ellipse

Fixed path that one body of matter follows around another
a) pattern
b) orbit
c) trail
d) eccentricity

Earthlike planets _______
a) Jovian
b) Gas
c) Terrestrial
d) dust

Earth's twin
a) Mars
b) Pluto
c) Venus
d) Mercury

The Red planet
a) Jupiter
b) Uranus
c) Saturn
d) Mars

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