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Mercury is hot during the day because of__________
a) its extremely thick atmosphere
b) the greenhouse effect
c) the composition of its core
d) its closeness to the sun

The rings of saturn are composed of _______
a) water left over from the other planets
b) light waves reflected from its moons
c) dense clouds of methane, nitrogen, and argon
d) particles of dust and chunks of rocks

Astronomers believe that from ____________ that Uranus' atmosphere contains methane
a) the planets blue green color
b) the great dark spot in its southern hemisphere
c) the planet's proximity of the Oort cloud
d) an analysis of samples brought back by probes

Asteroids are located between the orbits of?
a) Jupiter and Saturn
b) Earth and Mars
c) Mars and Jupiter
d) Neptune and Pluto

Shooting stars are actually?
a) comets
b) meteors
c) asteroids
d) black holes

The force of _____ holds a comet in orbit around the sun.
a) density
b) gravity
c) speed
d) acceleration

Most of the matter on Neptune and similar planets is in a (n) state.
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

The solar system includes the planets and all other matter that orbits the ________
a) sun
b) earth
c) moon
d) Oort cloud

Most asteroids can be found in orbits between the planets Mars and _____
a) Jupiter
b) Saturn
c) Earth
d) Mercury

The terrestrial planets are rocky because during formation, their__materials were vaporized by the sun's heat
a) molten
b) gaseous
c) icy
d) solid

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