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This planet is known as the Earth's twin
a) Mercury
b) Saturn
c) Neptune
d) Venus

On which planet is a large portion of the surface covered by liquid water?
a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Earth
d) Mars

The high temperatures on the surface of Venus are the result of the compositon of its__
a) rocky core
b) atmosphere
c) solar radiation
d) liquid oceans

The first scientist to hypothesize that the planets orbit the sun was____.
a) Ptolemy
b) Kepler
c) Copernicus
d) Hubble

This planet rolls like a ball because of its axis of tilt
a) Uranus
b) Pluto
c) Jupiter
d) Mars

Astronomers believe that the presence of storms on Jupiter is from
a) The Great Red Spot, which can be seen through telescopes
b) The appearance of an oort cloud surrounding the planet
c) Its position on the far side of the asteroid belt
d) An analysis of Jupiter's many moons.

Which planet has period of rotation longer than its period of its revolution
a) Pluto
b) Saturn
c) Mercury
d) Venus

The fastest rotating planet
a) Mercury
b) Jupiter
c) Neptune
d) Pluto

A comet has two tails, one of ions and another of
a) ice
b) methane
c) carbon dioxide
d) dust

The tail of a comet will point______the sun as it approaches it.
a) away from
b) toward
c) none of these
d) at a right angle.

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