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Ballet is to dancing as boxing is to
a) sport.
b) football.
c) car.
d) reading.

Sparrow is to bird as collie is to
a) dog.
b) cat.
c) rooster.
d) pillow.

Pet is to dog as toy is to
a) doll.
b) matches.
c) spaghetti.
d) rug.

Hand is to glove as foot is to
a) shoe.
b) shirt.
c) pocket.
d) zipper.

Baeball is to mitt as boxing is to
a) gloves.
b) bat.
c) helmet.
d) shampoo.

Goat is to kid as lion is to
a) cub.
b) puppy.
c) kitten.
d) bulldog.

Television is to living room as stove is to
a) kitchen.
b) bedroom.
c) front porch.
d) attic.

Snow is to white as stop sign is to
a) red.
b) green.
c) yellow.
d) black.

Christmas is to December as Halloween is to
a) October.
b) January.
c) February.
d) April.

March is to spring as September is to
a) fall.
b) winter.
c) rping.
d) summer.

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