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Which of the following belongs in this group: Venus - Mars - Neptune
a) Mercury
b) Titan
c) Sirius
d) Milky Way Galaxy

The planet Mars has seasons similar to those on Earth. The most likely reason for this is
a) Mars is tilted on its axis in the same way as Earth
b) Mars is the same distance from the Sun
c) Mars is traveling at the same speed as Earth
d) Mars is the same size as Earth

Which of the options below lists the three planets in the correct order of their distance from the Sun?
a) Sun --> Mercury - Earth - Venus
b) Sun -- > Mercury - Venus - Earth
c) Sun --> Earth - Mercury - Venus
d) Sun --> Earth - Venus - Mercury

In the core of a star, the temperature can reach heights unknown on Earth. The process by which stars generate energy is called
a) photosynthesis
b) condensation
c) radiation
d) fusion

Moon phase in which none of the lighted surface of the Moon can be seen from Earth
a) first quarter
b) full moon
c) new moon
d) third quarter

phase in which all of the lighted side of the Moon can be seen from Earth
a) first quarter
b) full moon
c) new moon
d) third quarter

Dark, cooler areas on the Sun's surface are called ____.
a) sunspots
b) solar flares
c) prominences
d) coronas

Prominences and flares on the Sun are related to sunspots because they are all caused by ____.
a) electricity
b) too much heat
c) intense magnetic fields
d) Earth's orbit around the Sun

Turning of Earth on its axis
a) rotation
b) revolution
c) 23.5 degree tilt
d) waxing

A height of 1,800 kilometers above the surface of the Sun will be part of which section of the Sun’s atmosphere?
a) photosphere
b) chromosphere
c) transition zone
d) corona

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