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Before is to after as up is to
a) down
b) together
c) high
d) over

Bird is to cage as pig is to
a) pen
b) box
c) wagon
d) cereal

Dollar is to 100 cents as quarter is to
a) twenty-five cents.
b) ten cents.
c) one cent.
d) eleven cents.

Dog is to bark as cat is to
a) meow.
b) chirp.
c) moo.
d) bleat.

Glasses is to eyes as hearing aid is to
a) ears.
b) hands.
c) teeth.
d) eyes.

Head is to foot as engine is to
a) caboose.
b) kayak.
c) school.
d) winter.

Whale is to water as bird is to
a) nest.
b) rock.
c) school.
d) egg.

Toe is to foot as finger is to
a) hand.
b) spoon.
c) eat.
d) fingernail.

Ring is to finger as hat is to
a) head.
b) heart.
c) hand.
d) gloves.

Hog is to pork as cow is to
a) beef.
b) bacon.
c) stew.
d) crackers.

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