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what is the study of living things called?
a) astronomy
b) biology
c) chemistry
d) physics

when a living thing is poked or prodded, it usually moves and reacts, what do you call this reaction?
a) answer to question
b) response to stimuli
c) annoyance
d) friendliness

Select the answer that sets out characteristics of all living things
a) movement, respiration, reproduction, excrement, nutrition
b) movement, speech, reproduction, nutrition, sense of smell
c) nutrition, laughter, excrement, sleep, tears
d) nutrition, respiration, sight, sleep, speech

what does reproduction mean for living things?
a) the ability to have offspring
b) the ability to breath in water
c) the ability to convert food to energy
d) the ability to sweat

which one of the below answers is not a characteristic of a living thing
a) growth
b) repoduce
c) speech
d) excretion

which of the following statement if false?
a) Living things adapt to their environment
b) Most living things move
c) Living things do not need food for energy
d) All living things grow

which of the following statement is true
a) All living things reproduce
b) All living things live on land
c) All living things can breath in water
d) All living things talk

which of the following is not a living thing?
a) elephant
b) mouse
c) magnet
d) guppy

What is one of the characteristics of living things?
a) Living things move
b) Living things cry
c) Living things talk
d) Living things laugh

which of the following helps living things to grow?
a) sunshine, moonlight, rain
b) sleep, stars, salt
c) playtime, lunchtime, snacktime
d) rest, food, air

which of the following contains examples of living things?
a) plants, paper, toys, rocks, aeroplanes
b) plants, fish, dogs, lizards, birds
c) dogs, cats, television, telephone, radio
d) bed, table, chairs, food, fist

In order for living things to continue to live, they must be able to
a) swim
b) jump
c) eat
d) smell

which of the following are essential for living things to live?
a) money, lollies, soft drinks
b) home, water, food
c) holidays, ponies, jumping castles
d) food, clothes, computers

Select the item below that living things do not need to live...
a) Air
b) Water
c) food
d) money

Which one of the task below can a living thing do without?
a) breathing
b) eating
c) sleeping
d) shopping

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