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Continental shelf sedimentation is strongly controlled by
a) tides, waves and currents
b) human activity
c) effect of oozes

Coarse particle deposits found on the continental shelf bottom thought to be left from when the sea level are called
a) recent sediments
b) relict sediments
c) cosmosgenous sediments

The rate of continental shelf sedimentation is generally ________ the rate of deep ocean sedimentation
a) faster than
b) slower than
c) equal to
d) dependent on

Deep ocean sediments tend to have proportionately ____________ biogenous sediment than continental shelf sediment
a) less
b) more

Siliceous deposits tend to dominate below the carbonate compensation depth because
a) calcerous organisms cannot live that deep
b) siliceous organisms are more productive below the carbonate compensation depth
c) at or below the carbonate compensation depth, calcareous material dissolves as quickly as it accumulates

Deep Ocean sediments tend to have the same particle composition as the surface water above it because
a) small particles actually sink more quickly than large particles
b) surface water isprimarily made of deep water
c) the dense fecal pellets of large planktonic organisms carry material to the bottom relatively quickly
d) all of the above

Scientists are not exactly sure how ferromanganese and phosphotite nodules form, but they think a bilogicval process may be involved
a) true
b) false

the study of sediments has economic importance because scientists hope to find economically improtant materials there one day
a) true
b) false

scientists have found economically important materials in the ocean's sediment
a) true
b) false

What is black gold?
a) dirty gold
b) crude oil
c) unpolished gold
d) raw gold

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