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1. What is the name of the government agency that collects federal taxes?
a) ERA
b) IRS
c) IRA
d) EDD

The federal government program that helps individuals who are disabled or retired people and their families is called…
a) Social Security
b) Central Security
c) Central Intelligence
d) Social Democracy

What is the name of the federal health insurance policy that provides medical benefits to persons 65 years and older?
a) Medical Federal Health Insurance
b) Medicare
c) Surgeon General
d) Humana

Payments citizens make to the government to pay for government services are called…
a) Returns
b) Deductions
c) Taxes
d) Audits

If your employer withheld more money from your paychecks than you owe on your tax return…
a) You will be audited
b) You will receive a refund
c) You will owe extra tax
d) Your employer will have to pay a fine

Social security provides benefits for…
a) People aged 65 or older
b) Retired people only
c) People of all ages
d) People who have purchases work credits

Self-employed people…
a) Are not eligible for social security benefits
b) Do not have to pay social security taxes
c) Do not have to earn work credits
d) Must pay both the employer’s and the employee’s share of social security taxes

The foundation of the U.S. tax system is that…
a) We should all contribute our fair share of taxes
b) We should all pay the same tax rate
c) Higher income earners pay a higher percentage
d) All states must tax at the same rate

Taxes collected through license and building permits are called…
a) Property taxes
b) User taxes
c) Sales taxes
d) License taxes

The tax form that is often used by single people who make less that $50,000 per year is called a…
a) 1040A
b) 1040AB
c) 1040ES
d) 1040EZ

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