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A covalent bond forms between nonmetals when electrons are_____?
a) shared
b) transferred
c) ionized
d) exchange energy

The chemical name for CO3
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Carbon Monoxide
c) Carbon Trioxide
d) Carbon Oxide

The Chemical formula for magnesium oxide is
a) Mg2O
b) Mg1O1
c) Mg2O 2-
d) MgO

An ionic bond forms between a _____ and ____ when electrons are transferred.
a) metal and metal
b) metal and nonmetal
c) nonmetal and nonmetal
d) transition metal and metalloid

Atoms gain or lose electrons to achieve _________
a) vaporization
b) ionization
c) Stable electron configuration
d) an exchange of energy

Which subatomic particle is most involved in chemical bonding?
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) electrons
d) isotopes

In an electron dot diagram, each dot represents a(an) _________.
a) shared electrons
b) valence electrons
c) periods
d) ions

A cation has a ______ charge.
a) positive
b) negative
c) neutral
d) both positive and negative

In lithium fluoride, which element forms the anion?
a) lithium
b) oxygen
c) chloride
d) fluorine

Which of the following groups contain three elements with stable electron configurations?
a) helium, xeon, neon
b) argon, neon, calcium
c) lithium, krypton, argon
d) boron, hydrogen, oxygen

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