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Davus is the handsomest slave of all.
a) Davus est pulchrior servus omnium.
b) Davus est pulcherrimus servus omnium.
c) Davus est pulcherrimum servum omnium.
d) Davus est pulchriorem servum omnium.

Davus is handsomer than you.
a) Davus est pulchrior te.
b) Dave, es pulchrior.
c) Davus est pulcherrimus quam.
d) Davus est pulcher et es pulcher.

Ille poēta est MELIOR HOC.
a) best of these
b) better than all
c) better than this one
d) very best of all

Mīlitēs Rōmānī erant _____ quī audācter pugnābant.
a) viri fortiores
b) viri fortioris
c) viros fortiores
d) virorum fortiorum

Discipulī librum TRISTISSIMUM legēbant.
a) sadly
b) very sad
c) rather sad
d) sad

Pater meus est ALTIOR TUO!
a) tallest of all
b) taller than yours
c) taller than all of you
d) too tall

The English word pejorative derives from the Latin adjective meaning
a) worse
b) greater
c) smaller
d) more

Iūlius, quī SORDIDISSIMUS est, ad thermās īre cōnstituit
a) rather dirty
b) dirty
c) hardly dirty
d) very dirty

Flūmen lentum in campō erat _____ quam flūmen in montibus.
a) latius
b) latissimus
c) latior
d) latus

Nomen est _____ tuo nomine.
a) maior
b) maius
c) maiores
d) maximus

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