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What are the three areas of economy?
a) agriculture, industry and tourism
b) agriculture, industry and service
c) industry, service and tourism
d) service, tourism and factories

What is GDP?
a) The value of goods and services produced by a country
b) The value of all agricultural products
c) The value of agriculture, industry and tourism
d) The value of everything they sell to other countries

What is the opposite of censorship?
a) right to own a weapon
b) right travel whenever you want
c) free speech/free press
d) free rights

In Cuba, their economic system
a) is controlled by the people and is called is called capitalism
b) is a free market economy
c) is controlled by the government and called communism
d) doesn't exist

The United States is a
a) unlimited government
b) monarchy
c) authoritarian government
d) limited government

Capitalism, the type of economic system the United States has, is also known as
a) command economy
b) free market/free enterprise economy
c) traditional economy
d) consistent economy

What attributes to the lack of development in Latin American countries? (Latin America= Central America)
a) a low educated work force
b) the people are too educated
c) the people are too poor
d) the people travel too much

The purpose of the U.S. constitution is
a) to declare independence from Great Britain
b) to determine the U.S. boundaries and borders
c) to serve as a rulebook for the people
d) to model the U.S. government after the French system of government

Price of a good or service is determined by
a) supply and demand
b) surplus and time
c) supply and determine
d) supply and surplus

Mexico's culture is influenced by
a) Mayans, Aztecs and the British
b) Aztecs, Spanish, and modern Mexico
c) French, British and the Spanish
d) Spanish, British and modern Mexico

If you live in a developing country, like Mexico, and you don't have a very good education, what kind of wage would you likely be paid?
a) a lower wage
b) a very high wage
c) enough to own your own private airplane
d) a wealthy wage

The United States is filled with many languages, races, and religions and can be considered
a) homogenous
b) history
c) limited
d) diverse

When people migrate from one place to another, they are
a) tourists
b) moving and living somewhere else
c) visiting a new country
d) illegal immigrants

Define diverse/diversity
a) Similar, the same
b) Different
c) Unique
d) crazy

The U.S. constitution is an example of
a) dictatorship
b) monarchy
c) unlimited government
d) limited government

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