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Which Intolerable Act impacted Georgia the most?
a) Boston Port Act
b) Massachusetts Government Act
c) Quartering Act
d) Impartial Administration of Justice Act

What was a strength of Georgia Constitution of 1777?
a) equality between the branches
b) three branches of government
c) no court system
d) one year term for governor

All of the following were weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation EXCEPT...
a) unicameral legislature
b) no executive or judicial branch
c) inability to tax the citizens
d) bicameral legislature

Which Georgians signed the U.S. Constitution?
a) Button Gwinnett and George Walton
b) Austin Dabney and Elijah Clarke
c) Abraham Baldwin and William Few
d) Nancy Hart and Abigail Adams

What were the first set of temporary written laws called?
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Treaty of Paris 1783
d) U.S. Constitution

Why were Georgians slower to join the revolution against England?
a) They are from the South; they're just slow.
b) They were a young colony and still depended upon England.
c) They already had independence; why did they have to join?
d) They were accustomed to being told what to do; why change?

During the French and Indian War, why did most of the Native American tribes side with the French?
a) The Native Americans had become Catholic.
b) The Native Americans worked for the French as guides.
c) The Native Americans negotiated treaties with the French.
d) The Native Americans were trading partners with the French.

Victory that allowed the Patriots to take must needed supplies, horses, and ammunition. The spirits of the Georgia militia were lifted.
a) Siege of Savannah
b) Battle of Kettle Creek
c) Battle at Bunker Hill
d) Valley Forge

Document which stated the demands for independence from Great Britain
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Treaty of Paris 1783
d) U.S. Constitution

American forces tried to capture Savannah from the British by surrounding it and preventing any supplies from reaching it. Count Pulaski was killed there.
a) Siege of Savannah
b) Battle of Bunker Hill
c) Battle of Kettle Creek
d) Valley Forge

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