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Aids in homeostasis by providing the main transport mechanism for proteins within the cell
a) endoplasmic reticulum
b) golgi apparatus
c) nucleus
d) cell membrane

The secretion of hormones is an example of a homeostatic feedback loop. The basic function of a feedback loop is to
a) destroy substances
b) end a process
c) create substances
d) regulate a process

How does homeostasis aid in survival of an organism?
a) induces hibernation
b) promotes growth
c) regulates body temperature
d) helps locate food

Helps maintain cellular homeostasis by modifying, sorting, and packaging proteins to transport
a) ER
b) Golgi apparatus
c) Nucleus
d) cell membrane

All cells have a protective barrier that is formed of proteins and a lipid bilayer called the
a) cell wall
b) nuclear envelope
c) cell membrane
d) cytoplasm

The human respiratory system helps maintain homeostasis by
a) transporting oxygen to other organ systems
b) regulating hormone levels
c) regulating oxygen levels
d) removing solid wastes

Homeostasis is classified under which of the following?
a) cell regulation
b) cell respiration
c) photosynthesis
d) transcription

Homeostasis maintains a relatively constant internal environment. This constant state can be challenged by
a) elevated blood pH
b) extreme temperature
c) low blood sugar levels
d) all of these

Which is NOT a homeostatic mechanism?
a) oxygen regulation
b) thermoregulation
c) osmoregulation
d) hormoregulation

Helps the body get back into balance
a) negative feedback
b) positive feedback
c) neutral feedback
d) childbirth

System that has glands and produces hormones
a) nervous
b) endocrine
c) respiratory
d) digestive

Positive feedback loop that results in going back to homeostasis
a) injury
b) panic attack
c) hemorrhaging
d) childbirth

Negative feedback loop that regulates the body's temperature
a) osmoregulation
b) thermoregulation
c) chemoregulation
d) hormoregulation

Negative feedback loop that regulates the body's gases
a) thermoregulation
b) osmoregulation
c) chemoregulation
d) hormoregulation

Negative feedback loop that regulates the body's water and ion levels
a) osmoregulation
b) chemoregulation
c) hormoregulation
d) thermoregulation

Body part that sense a change in homeostasis
a) effector
b) control center
c) receiver
d) receptor

Body part, system or organ that responds to the brain and makes the change happen
a) receptor
b) effector
c) control center
d) hormone

Chemical involved with blood sugar
a) glucose
b) sucrose
c) oxygen
d) carbon dioxide

inhalation brings in
a) carbon dioxide
b) glucose
c) ions
d) oxygen

Body's reaction to being hot
a) shiver
b) sweat
c) death
d) eating

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