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What were Spanish Conquistadors looking for?
a) Toys
b) Weapons
c) Gold

What was the name of the very first English colony?
a) Mr. Thomastown
b) Ranjittown
c) Jamestown
d) New France

The Conquistador who defeated the Inca
a) Pizarro
b) Cortes
c) Columbus

Leader (Emperor) of the Aztec
a) Mr. Thomas
b) Atahualpa
c) Moctezuma

The Conquistador who defeated the Aztec
a) Pizarro
b) Cortes
c) Columbus

Trading of new plants and animals across the world was called
a) The Great War
b) The Renaissance
c) The Columbian Exchange

Not getting diseases is called
a) Columbus
b) Immunity
c) Exchange

A person who is kept as a prisoner unless demands are met.
a) Hostage
b) Smallpox
c) Explorer

What was a conquistador?
a) English person who traded.
b) French Farmer.
c) Spanish person who conquered other people.

Plants that are grown and then sold for money $$$$ are called
a) Spaniards
b) Cash crops
c) Pilgrims

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