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What is a mercenary?
a) A British soldier
b) a minuteman
c) a hired soldier
d) a recruit

What is inflation?
a) when it takes more and more money to buy the same amount of goods
b) keeping ships from entering or leaving American harbors
c) to suffer or experience
d) an attempt to force surrender

What does it mean to ratify something?
a) to make corrections to
b) to approve officially
c) to attack
d) to impeach a person in power

What is a siege?
a) a plan of action
b) a privately owned merchant ship outfitted with weapons
c) an attempt to force surrender by blocking the movement of people or good into or out of a place
d) a surprise attack

What is a privateer?
a) The rank above general in the army
b) another name for pioneer
c) privately owned ship outfitted with weapons
d) none of the above

What is a blockade?
a) an attempt to force surrender by blocking the movement of people or goods into or out of a place
b) a hut made out of dirt, sticks, and other natural materials
c) the home for Loyalists
d) measure that keeps a country from communicating and trading with other nations

How were Loyalists treated by the Patriots during the war?
a) They were well liked and respected
b) They went unnoticed
c) They were often shunned and became victims of violence
d) All of the above

How did privateers contribute to the American war effort?
a) they captured more British ships than the American Navy did
b) they acted as a blockade
c) they cost the government a lot of money
d) they were not needed in the war

What role did the French play in the Patriot victory at Yorktown?
a) They prevented the British navy from leaving New York
b) They tricked the British into fighting them before arriving at Yorktown
c) The provided troops and ships to help contain the British at Yorktown
d) They sank British ships in the Newport Harbor

Why did Washington take action to end the Newburgh Conspiracy?
a) He didn't want conspiracy theorists to form
b) To trick Congress into paying soldiers an unearned wage
c) He realized the threat of revolt was dangerous and could destroy the new nation
d) To win the war

During the war, Native Americans generally supported the
a) British because the British promised to free enslaved African Americans
b) British because the British seemed less of a threat to their way of life.
c) Patriots because the Patriots seemed less of a threat to their way of life
d) Patriots because the Patriots promised to return Native American lands

How did the war affect attitudes toward slavery in the United States?
a) African Americans were seen as too valuable as soldiers to be enslaved people
b) Loyalists had to free enslaved people as punishment for supporting the British
c) Slavery was outlawed in the United States immediately following the war
d) The ideals of freedom and liberty led some white Americans to question slavery

Why were African Americans at first banned from serving in the army?
a) General Washington had forbidden African Americans from serving
b) All African Americans were loyal to the British
c) African Americans were needed to serve the war efforts in factories
d) Some Southern colonies feared arming African Americans

Americans had problems getting enough money to finance the war because
a) Congress did not have the power to raise money through taxes
b) the states were against the war
c) no foreign countries would help the Patriots pay for the war
d) the British closed all colonial banks at the start of the war

Washington's surprise attack across the Delaware River on Christmas night
a) was the last battle of Revolutionary War
b) boosted the morale of the Patriots
c) was followed by calls for his resignation
d) was successful but caused a great number of American casualties

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