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What name was given to American colonists who sided with Great Britain during the American Revolution?
a) Sons of Liberty
b) Minutemen
c) Loyalists
d) Patriots

What was the purpose of the committees of correspondence?
a) to write protests to the king
b) to oversee trials in British courts
c) to handle problems with Native Americans
d) to share information among the colonies

Why did colonists object to the Sugar Act?
a) It prevented colonists from trading with other nations
b) it violated colonists' right to be secure in their homes
c) it taxed colonists with their consent
d) it made sugar much more expensive

What British regulation prohibited colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains?
a) Townshend Acts
b) Coercive Acts
c) Proclamation of 1763
d) Stamp Act

What resulted from the Coercive Acts?
a) Boston Harbor was closed until the colonists paid for tea dumped at the Boston Tea Party
b) The area west of the Appalachians and north of the Ohio River became part of Quebec
c) The tax on molasses imported into the colonies was raised
d) A tax was collected on almost all printed material sold in the colonies

ideas or information intentionally spread to harm or help a cause
a) loyalist
b) propaganda
c) debate
d) petition

to cancel an act or law
a) rebellion
b) petition
c) preamble
d) repeal

open defiance of authority
a) propaganda
b) rebellion
c) repeal
d) boycott

a mocking figure representing an unpopular individual
a) minuteman
b) propaganda
c) effigy
d) resolution

to refuse to buy items in order to show disapproval or force acceptance of one's terms
a) boycott
b) repeal
c) rebellion
d) debate

an official expression of opinion by a group
a) repeal
b) resolution
c) petition
d) boycott

incoming money from taxes or other sources
a) repeal
b) petition
c) preamble
d) revenue

court document allowing customs officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods
a) preamble
b) writ of assistance
c) effigy
d) repeal

What did the preamble to the Declaration of Independence say?
a) It spelled out the colonists complaints against Britain.
b) It listed the rights the colonists believed they should have
c) it proclaimed the existence of the new nation
d) it stated that people who wish to form a new country should explain their reasons for doing so

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