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The three basic functions (branches) of government are
a) judicial, legislative and cooperative
b) executive, progressive and legislative
c) judicial, executive and functionary
d) judicial, executive and legislative

The judicial branch of government
a) gets the highest pay
b) interprets the law
c) enforces the law
d) makes the laws

What were the new Americans fearful of when writing a constitution?
a) Another war with a European power
b) never being able to pay off the war debt
c) an uprising of local militias
d) letting the executive branch become too powerful

A constitution is a
a) written document that any judge can change if the need arises
b) a written document that defines how laws are to be made, enforced and interpreted
c) a written document that is voted on every four years
d) a written document that can never be changed or amended

The executive branch of government
a) was abolished by by the First Continental Congress
b) interprets the laws
c) makes the laws
d) enforces the laws

One of the biggest weaknesses of the Georgia Constitution of 1777 was
a) its inability to tax citizens
b) it gave too much power to one single branch
c) it made no provision for a state militia
d) it was not written down

During the Revolutionary war, the majority of Georgians were
a) slaves
b) Patriots
c) fighting in other colonies
d) Tories

The 1781 document that created the first federal government was
a) The Articles of Confederation
b) The Articles of Impeachment
c) The Treaty of Paris
d) The Mayflower Compact

One of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation was that
a) It created only two branches of government
b) It created only one branch of government
c) It was not approved of by all of the colonies
d) George Washington refused to sign on

Which event demonstrated that the Articles of Confederation were untenable for a long-term form of government
a) The Boston Tea Party
b) The War of 1812
c) Shay's Rebellion
d) The Johnstown Flood

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