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Peerless means
a) a type of faucet popular with building contractors
b) someone who has no equal
c) someone with no friends
d) someone born in a landlocked area

a Gibe is
a) a single giblet from chickens, turkeys or other fowl
b) an insult
c) a special type of praise practiced among primitive peoples
d) a chubby baby

to Bludgeon means to
a) take blood in a dungeon
b) stab someone
c) beat someone with a stick or club
d) sip with a narrow straw

a Glutton
a) marries women for their money then murders them
b) creates gluts in traffic wherever he drives
c) eats too much
d) is an insincere person who flatters everyone

a Paucity is
a) a shortage
b) a warm rain that interrupts a snowstorm
c) a kitchen utensil
d) a type of scientific analysis

A buffoon
a) floats hundreds of feet high using hot air
b) usually gets elected to high office
c) is someone who tries to be funny all of the time
d) is someone who cannot learn a foreign language

Bravado is
a) the title of a famous Italian Western film
b) a reckless display of courage
c) a sauce used for pasta and mediterranean dishes, heavy in olive oil
d) cowardly behavior

Blatant means
a) naked
b) illegal
c) obvious
d) forbidden without a license

Ghastly means
a) gruesome, grisly, horrifying
b) anything that involves ghosts or poltergeists
c) the need to go to the bathroom frequently
d) expensive

Perceptive describes
a) anyone having hallucinations
b) the ability to memorize sequences of numbers
c) someone who accurately understands things quickly
d) a mental disorder

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