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Where was San Jose Maria born?
a) Barbastro, Spain
b) Lucia, Spain
c) Villadolid, Spain
d) Barcelona, Spain

When was San Jose Maria born?
a) January 9 1902
b) January 12 1983
c) January 8 1901
d) February 27 1902

When was he ordained to the priesthood?
a) March 28 1925
b) March 14 1924
c) June 28 1925
d) April 25 1926

When did San Jose Maria found Opus Dei?
a) October 2 1928
b) October 1 1927
c) October 3 1928
d) October 12 1928

When did he die?
a) June 26 1975
b) June 12 1976
c) June 25 1985
d) June 26 1974

How many members does Opus Dei have?
a) 90,000
b) 80,000
c) 100,000
d) 95,000

Who canonised San Jose Maria?
a) Pope John Paul II
b) Pope Francis
c) Pope Pio XI
d) Pope John Third

When was San Jose Maria canonised?
a) October 6 2002
b) October 1 2001
c) October 3 1928
d) October 2 1975

When is his feast celebrated?
a) June 26
b) June 25
c) October 2
d) March 28

Where does the body of San Jose Maria rest?
a) Church of Our Lady of Peace
b) Church of Our Lady of Hope
c) Church of The Divine Grace
d) Church of Saint Jose Maria

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