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Which of the following allowed Rome to maintain contact with its large empire?
a) The aqueduct system
b) The Colossuem
c) The road system

Which of these building materials that is stillused today was invented to build large buildings and bridges in ancient Rome?
a) Concrete
b) Plaster
c) Iron girders

The Roman language influenced how people speak and write today because...
a) People enjoy plays
b) Languages are easy to learn
c) Modern languages are based in Latin.

Which of the following is the main reason why the Roman language spread to the farthest parts of the empire?
a) The Romans wrote poetry
b) The Romans conducted buisness in their language
c) The Romans established the first school system.

Basilicas, amphitheaters, and the aquaducts are all examples of:
a) Miliatry weapons
b) architecture
c) transporation methods

Although they were originally persectuted by the Roman state, ____________________ became the official religion of Rome.
a) Islam
b) Judaism
c) Christianity

The Colosseum was most similar to:
a) a football stadium
b) an army base
c) a royal palace

The center of life in ancient Rome was the ....
a) Palatine Hill
b) The Forum
c) The Temple

The Roman Empire fell for al the of the following reason's except:
a) taxes
b) disease
c) lack of leadership
d) corruption

Which of the following is a lasting cultrual impact made by the Romans?
a) Pyramids
b) Buddhism
c) The ABCs

Which Roman leader seized power from the Senate and became the dictator of Rome?
a) Julius Caesar
b) Hadrain
c) Brutus

Rome's contributions to the world included all of the following except....
a) building strong bridges
b) building the pyramids
c) idea of civil law
d) use of Romantic languages

Why did Diocletian divide the Roman Empire in half?
a) there was a civil war that divided the land
b) Diocletain felt the empire was too big for one person to rule effectively.
c) Disease swept the empire
d) corruption

Which is true?
a) Roman emperors were often power hungry military generals
b) Roman emperors had a reliable system for choosing their successor.
c) Rome's economy was stable

Why do some people say Rome never fell?
a) Rome ruins still exist
b) Roman law and culture are still with us today.

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