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The _________ were a group of Jews who called for the violent overthrow of Roman rule.
a) Zealots
b) Pharisees
c) Essenes
d) Sadducees

Which Roman official ordered the execution of Jesus?
a) Constantine
b) Pontius Pilate
c) Nero
d) Diocletian

In the third century, plague outbreaks led to;
a) an invasion by the Sassanid Persians.
b) important medical breakthroughs.
c) a labor shortage.
d) new method of farming.

Local Christian communities led by a priest were called;
a) Bishoprics.
b) Papal States.
c) Monasteries.
d) Parishes.

People sent out to carry a religious message in hopes of converting them are called;
a) Missionaries.
b) Abbesses.
c) Nuns.
d) Bishops.

Which emperor made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire?
a) Dioletian
b) Theodosius the Great
c) Constantine
d) Nero

Which of the following may contributed to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire?
a) too much emphasis on agriculture and the arts
b) Lack of a strong authoritarian government
c) population decline due to plague and lack of a workable political system
d) a weak military

What city was the greatest center of commerce in Europe during the Middle Ages, were products from the East and West could be exchanged?
a) Rome
b) Babylon
c) Moscow
d) Constantinople

Before the trade routes were established, Arabs were primarily;
a) Nomads
b) Enslaved people.
c) Hunter-gatherers.
d) Warriors.

What led directly to Arabs populating more of the desert in the first millennium B.C.?
a) Attacks by invading armies of Persians
b) The domestication of the camel
c) The flooding of the Nile river
d) War with Greece

According to Islamic teaching, Muhammad received messages from;
a) Jesus.
b) Khadija.
c) Gabriel.
d) Moses.

By 500AD which people created a series of kingdoms in the lands of the former Western Roman Empire?
a) Muslim
b) Russian
c) Italian
d) Germanic

Which of the following are key beliefs of Christianity?
a) salvation, love towards one another, and community
b) individual enlightenment, denial of material world, and seeking the end of suffering
c) not religious, subordinate individual interests to the needs of the community
d) single force in the universe expressed through many gods and seeking ultimate reality

Muslims believe that Allah’s final revelation came to which man?
a) Jesus
b) Muhammad
c) Ali
d) Moses

What did the Edict of Milan proclaim?
a) Christianity was the new state religion
b) Roman Empire was ended
c) Christianity would be tolerated
d) Christians were traitors

What was the significance of the Hijrah in Muslim history?
a) it became the holy scriptures of the religion of Islam
b) it became a requirement to Makkah
c) it developed a law code for all Muslims to follow
d) Muhammad gained his first community of practicing Muslims

Why is Abu Bakr important to the history of Islam?
a) united the Muslim world and began their expansion
b) scholar that developed the field of medicine
c) divided the Muslim world and created a great empire
d) architect responsible for building the Great Mosque of Samarra

At the height of Islamic civilization the Abbasid Dynasty was known for these accomplishments?
a) global exploration, missionary work, and colonization
b) impressive architecture, science, math, and literature
c) democracy, capitalism, and free trade
d) monasticism, militant Epicureanism, and feudalism

a) infectious disease
b) secular and spiritual leader of an Islamic community
c) a divine truth revealed to Muhammad
d) an instrument used by sailors to determine their location by observing the position of the stars

a) a church leader
b) journey of Muhammad and his followers to Madinah
c) a Roman official in charge of a province
d) “struggle in the name of god”

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