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Who had the last things that Augustus wrote?
a) Kaitlyn
b) Van Houten
c) Ms. Vavra
d) Monica

Hazel found out her mom was studying to become a __________________.
a) social worker
b) teacher
c) speech and language pathologist
d) doctor

The character Anna from an Imperial Affliction was based off of Van Houten's ____________.
a) dog
b) daughter
c) son
d) wife

Hazel and Issac were playing video games when Isaac told her that Augustus had been __________ her something.
a) writing
b) singing
c) drawing
d) painting

Van Houten had been ______________ with Augustus during his last few weeks of life.
a) running
b) crying
c) emailing
d) laughing

Hazel got mad that people who didn't ___________ to Augustus often were saying that they were going to miss him.
a) talk
b) hit
c) play
d) hug

Augustus Waters __________ near the end of the book.
a) cried
b) died
c) sighed
d) lied

Hazel and Augustus had an ______________ kind of love.
a) infinite
b) limited
c) sad
d) friendship

Isaac and Hazel both prepared ____________ for Augustus to hear.
a) songs
b) eulogies
c) chants
d) raps

Augustus liked his choices, and he hoped ___________ liked hers too.
a) Hazel
b) Syed
c) Ms. Riddle
d) Alexis

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