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The type of government system in which one person has all the power is called a:
a) Democracy
b) Autocracy
c) Anarchy
d) Oligarchy

Saudi Arabia is ruled by a:
a) King
b) Representative Government
c) Popularly elected president
d) Group of religious leaders

Which country is ruled by an Ayatollah or Supreme Leader?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Iran
c) Turkey
d) Israel

Which country does not allow women to vote?
a) Israel
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Iran
d) Turkey

Which of the following county's government controls 95% of the oil industry along with most other industries located there?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Israel
c) Turkey
d) Iran

What title if often given to the leader of a parliamentary democracy?
a) King
b) President
c) Prime Minister
d) Governor

What is the name of Israel's parliament called?
a) Senate
b) Congres
c) House of Representatives
d) Knesset

What is the definition of a “theocracy”?
a) a government that sees God as the supreme ruler
b) a government that allows the people to choose the leaders
c) a system in which religious law and civil law are separate
d) a system in which only religious leaders vote

Which of the following counties does NOT rely on oil and is there NOT 'oil rich'?
a) Turkey
b) Iran
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Israel

The organization created to coordinate and unify petroleum prices in order to promote stability in the world oil market and ensure a regular supply of petroleum to other countries is known as:
a) Organization of Petroleum Importing Countries (OPIC)
b) Countries Selling Oil (CSO)
c) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
d) Oganization of Countries Selling Oil (OCSO)

Factories and machinery are considered what?
a) Entrepreneurs
b) Human Capital
c) Capital Goods
d) Gross Domestic Products (GDP)

Which of the following terms is defined as: Someone who has an idea for a good or service and takes a risk to produce it?
a) Banker
b) Inventor
c) Entrepreneur
d) Human Capital

Which of the following terms means: the total market value of goods and services produced by a country's economy during a specific period of time?
a) Human capital
b) Capital Goods
c) Infrastucture
d) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

What is the main export for the country of Saudi Arabia?
a) Textiles
b) Diamonds
c) Sulfer
d) Petroleum (oil)

Which of the following is a TAX on imported goods?
a) Quota
b) Tariff
c) Embargo
d) Export

Which of the following best describes Israel's economy?
a) Mixed economy
b) Pure Command economy
c) Pure Market
d) Traditional

How long does a monarch rule?
a) One elected term
b) as long as allowed by the parliament
c) a term of ten years
d) until he dies or chooses to give up power

What role do the people play in the government of Saudi Arabia?
a) They have the power to vote a ruler out of office
b) the people get to approve the laws made by the ruler
c) they have little influence, as the ruler makes most decisions
d) they are guaranteed certain rights by their written constitution.

White best describes the government of Saudi Arabia?
a) Oligarchy
b) Monarchy
c) Democracy
d) Dictatorship

Water and sewer lines, roads, highways, power plants, schools, and other facilities needed to support development are:
a) Human Capital
b) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
c) Infrastructure
d) Capital Goods

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