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Augustus is in ______ with Hazel.
a) love
b) like
c) hate
d) annoyance

Van Houten was very ________ to Augustus and Hazel.
a) nice
b) mean
c) blue
d) creepy

In order to make it up to Hazel and Augustus, the assistant took them to the ____________.
a) park
b) zoo
c) Anne Frank House
d) futbol stadium

Van Houten didn't really invite them to Amsterdam, his ______________ did.
a) mom
b) dad
c) daughter
d) assistant

Hazel and Augustus are allowed to ________ Amsterdam.
a) go to
b) dream about
c) cry about
d) draw

Augustus and Hazel sold her old __________.
a) doll house
b) car
c) swingset
d) clothes

Hazel is not a candidate for a _________________.
a) robot eye
b) prosthetic leg
c) lung transplant
d) ice cream sundae

Augustus spent every day Hazel was in the Intensive Care Unit in the ______________.
a) waiting room
b) gift shop
c) car
d) hallway

Where does Hazel wake up when she's sick?
a) her bedroom
b) the gym
c) Bartlett, IL
d) Intensive Care Unit

Who went to Amsterdam with Hazel and Augustus?
a) Hazel's mom
b) Dr. Maria
c) Mrs. S
d) Monica

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