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What is the name of the main character in this novel?
a) Jack Mandelbaum
b) Jakob Mandelbaum
c) Jadzia Mandelbaum
d) Jack Mandel

What is the name of the boy's hometown?
a) Gdynia, Germany
b) Gdynia, Poland
c) Gross-Rosen, Germany
d) Blechhammer, Poland

What happened to Jack's Hebrew teacher
a) He quit teaching
b) He went to fight the Nazi soldiers
c) He disappeared
d) He went to help Jack's dad at the factory

How did Jack spend his time when school was closed?
a) He went to visit Grandfather
b) He went to the factory to help his dad
c) He stayed at home and read books
d) He went to the docks to see the navy train for the war

Why did Jadzia leave Grandfather's home?
a) to go search for her father
b) to help her aunt with the new baby
c) to find work
d) to find food

Jack became an expert at doing what?
a) avoiding soldiers
b) building houses
c) being an electrician
d) finding food for his mom and brother

What was the worst moment of Jack's life?
a) leaving his father in Gdynia
b) working in the Ghettos
c) living with his uncle
d) being separated from his mother and brother

What was Jack's new identity number?
a) 15013
b) 16012
c) 16013
d) 12345

Who gave Jack advice that helped him survive in the camps?
a) Moniek
b) Aaron
c) Jadzia
d) Moshe

The name of the prisoner who oversees other prisoners in return for special privileges is called:
a) kapo
b) SS Soldier
c) German Guard
d) gestapo

Which is NOT a job Jack had at Gross-Rosen
a) cook in the kitchen
b) carrying soup
c) building a railroad
d) working in a chemical factory

What did Moniek find that was considered a treat?
a) extra bread
b) muffin from a civilian
c) dog biscuit
d) can of soup

What deadly disease almost killed Jack?
a) typhus
b) dysentery
c) pneumonia
d) measles

What was the miracle that saved Jack's life?
a) finding extra food
b) meeting Aaron
c) escaping the camp
d) becoming a cook

What happened that caused Jack to cry after all this time?
a) seeing Moniek alive
b) finding his mother and father
c) seeing his home in Gdynia
d) meeting his sister at home

How many pounds did Jack weight after the war?
a) 200
b) 120
c) 80
d) 2

How many relatives did Jack have after the war?
a) 4
b) 80
c) 24
d) 1

By 1999, how many times had Jack visited Poland?
a) 100
b) 0
c) 2
d) 8

What illness was Jack lucky to get? Once you got it, you could never get it again.
a) dysentery
b) typhus
c) pneumonia
d) ear infection

What is Jack's memorial to his family? And what two themes does Jack try to live by?
a) telling his story to schools/ tolerance and forgiveness
b) telling his story to schools/ tolerance and hatred
c) going to visit Poland/ tolerance and forgiveness
d) going to visit Poland/ revenge and anger

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