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The three smallest bones in your body (hammer, anvil, stirrup) in are in what part of your ear?
a) Middle Ear
b) Inner Ear
c) Outer Ear
d) Ear

A longer string is going to a produce a lower what?
a) pitch
b) frequency
c) amplitude
d) speed

What decreases with increasing temperature?
a) Speed of sound
b) Level of noise
c) Music
d) Volume

A wave that is more intense sounds what?
a) louder
b) frequency
c) noise
d) pitch

What is the distance between compression and compression or rarefaction to rarefaction?
a) wavelength
b) compression
c) crest
d) trough

The amplitude of the sound wave determines the sounds what?
a) loudness
b) frequency
c) intensity
d) pitch

What has only one tone?
a) The fundamental tone
b) The overtone tone
c) The octave
d) The new tone

How high or low a sound seems to someone is what?
a) Pitch
b) Loudness
c) Frequency
d) Intensity

If the source of sound is moving towards you, you will hear a higher what?
a) pitch
b) amplitude
c) frequency
d) waves

Why would a high altitude be a place to break the sound barrier?
a) The temperature is lower, so the speed of sound is higher
b) The temperature is higher, so the speed of sound is higher
c) The temperature is lower, so the speed of sound is lower
d) The temperature is stays the same, so the speed of sound is stays the same

What travels in a longitudinal wave?
a) Sound
b) Light
c) Yelling
d) Whispers

What is the Doppler Effect?
a) When a horn/siren seems higher as it moves closer to you and lower as if moves away from you
b) When a horn/siren seems lower as it moves closer to you and higher as if moves away from you
c) When someone holds the siren or horn down as they go by
d) When something change pitch

What do doctors use to see inside your body?
a) ultrasound
b) sonar
c) echolocation
d) waves

What animals use echolocation to find food and navigate?
a) Bats
b) Squirrels
c) Bird
d) Spiders

The frequency of the sound waves produced by a string increases as the tension of the string does what?
a) decreases.
b) increases.
c) stays the same.
d) moves.

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