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The house of Congress with 435 elected members. Membership is based on population.
a) Senate
b) House of Delegates
c) General Assembly
d) House of Representatives

The house of Congress with 100 elected members. Each state has 2 members.
a) House of Representatives
b) Senate
c) General Assembly
d) House of Delegates

The official who presides over the Senate in the vice president’s absence. The majority party elects one of its members to this position.
a) President Pro Tempore
b) Speaker of the House
c) President
d) Committee Chairman

The person who presides over the House of Representatives when it is in session. This individual is always a member of the majority party and is the most powerful officer in the House.
a) President Pro Tempore
b) Speaker of the House
c) Committee Chairman
d) Vice President

Groups in Congress that perform specific functions and duties, so that the legislative branch can accomplish their often-complex work more quickly with smaller groups.
a) Congressional Assemblies
b) Congressional Houses
c) Congressional Branches
d) Congressional Committees

The political party that has the most members in each house of Congress and chooses the leadership in both houses.
a) Minority Party
b) Majority Committee
c) Democratic Party
d) Majority Party

Proposed law being considered by a lawmaking body.
a) Draft
b) Script
c) Bill
d) None of the Above

Powers specifically listed in the Constitution of the United States.
a) Reserved
b) Implied
c) Expressed
d) Concurrent

Powers not specifically listed in the Constitution but used to carry out expressed powers.
a) Reserved
b) Implied
c) Expressed
d) Delegated

To charge a government official with misconduct.
a) Impeach
b) Veto
c) Commutate
d) Pardon

Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, known also as the “necessary and proper” clause that allows Congress to extend its delegated powers by using implied powers.
a) Implied Clause
b) Congressional Clause
c) Stretchy Clause
d) Elastic Clause

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