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A water molecule is composed of...
a) 1 Oxygen and 1 Hydrogen
b) 2 Oxygens and 1 Hydrogen
c) 1 Oxygen and 2 Hydrogens
d) 2 Oxygens and 1 Hydrogen

Define cohesion
a) Water molecules stick to other substances
b) Water molecules stick to each other

Why is water called a polar molecule?
a) It has unequal sharing of electrons.
b) It is a neutral molecule (no charge)

Water stuck to a glass window is an example of
a) Cohesion
b) Adhesion
c) Capillary action
d) Surface tension

The substance that does the dissolving is known as the
a) Solute
b) Solvent
c) Surfactant
d) Mixture

The 2 Hydrogens in a water molecule are slightly
a) positive
b) negative

Water moving upward against the force of gravity inside the root of a plant is known as
a) Capillary action
b) Surface tension
c) Cohesion
d) Adhesion

Combination of two or more substances that can be easily separated
a) Solution
b) Mixture
c) Solute
d) Solvent

The new substance that forms after combining a solute and a solvent
a) mixture
b) solution
c) surfactant

The oxygen atom in a water molecule is slightly
a) Positive
b) Negative

The substance that gets dissolved in a solution.
a) Solvent
b) Solute
c) Surfactant

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