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How could the removal of trees and other vegetation impact an environment?
a) by increasing oxygen production
b) by increasing soil formation
c) by increasing transpiration
d) by increasing erosion

Which is most likely a prevention strategy for flooding?
a) building artificial levees
b) reducing water consumption
c) recycling bottled-water containers
d) building waste landfills for metals and other contaminants

Which describes the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion?
a) Nuclear fission is the process that produces the radiant energy of stars, and nuclear fusion splits a heavier nucleus into sm
b) Nuclear fission splits nucleus into smaller nuclei; nuclear fusion is the process that produces the radiant energy of star s
c) Nuclear fission produces the energy in the core of Earth, and nuclear fusion produces energy in nuclear power plants.
d) Nuclear fission produces energy in nuclear power plants, and nuclear fusion produces the energy in the core of Earth.

Which would produce the most severe earthquake damage along the surface of Earth?
a) an earthquake with a deep focus and a magnitude of 2.5
b) an earthquake with a shallow focus and a magnitude of 2.5
c) an earthquake with a deep focus and a magnitude of 4.5
d) an earthquake with a shallow focus and a magnitude of 4.5

Cracks in rocks widen as water in them freezes and thaws. How does this affect the surface of the Earth?
a) It reduces the rates of soil formation.
b) It changes the chemical composition of the rocks.
c) It exposes rocks to increased rates of erosion and weathering.
d) It limits the exposure of rocks to acid precipitation.

How can urbanization affect a local area?
a) It can increase the number of invasive species in an area.
b) It can decrease the risk of water pollution in an area.
c) It can increase the risk of flooding in an area.
d) It can decrease the need for natural resources in an area.

Which energy source has the lowest long–term environmental impact?
a) wind
b) nuclear
c) clean coal
d) corn ethanol

Why should the farming industry adopt sustainable agriculture practices?
a) to increase the use of irrigation systems
b) to increase the number of non-point sources of water pollution
c) to increase the amount of erosion and deposition
d) to reduce the environmental degradation and economic losses

The burning of fossil fuels lead to air pollution, acid rain and acidic soil.
a) True
b) False

Does deforestation contribute to global warming?
a) No,trees do not cause pollution
b) A bit, the vehicles that cut down trees cause pollution
c) Yes, without trees, less CO2 is turned into oxygen
d) Yes, trees are bad

Which is an advantage of safely using uranium as an energy source rather than using coal?
a) Uranium produces energy without polluting the atmosphere, while burning coal can increase the CO2 in the atmosphere.
b) Uranium reduces the amount of thermal pollution, while burning coal can increase the amount of thermal pollution.
c) Uranium is the most cost-efficient energy resource, while coal is the most expensive energy resource.
d) Uranium can be easily mined from deep within Earth, while coal is a hard resource to mine from deep within Earth.

In many parts of the world, land that is too dry for farming is used for grazing livestock. Overgrazing of these lands destroys the native plants and breaks down the natural soil covering. How does overgrazing result in desertification?
a) by increasing the rate at which topsoil is eroded
b) by reducing the food available to livestock
c) by allowing nonnative species to colonize the land
d) by causing the land to absorb rainfall more quickly

In a particular region, abundant growth of grasses covers the flat land surface. If overgrazing removes most of this vegetation, which weather phenomenon is most likely to occur?
a) Snow storm
b) Hail Storm
c) Dust Storm
d) Rain Storm

Soil erosion can be best prevented by
a) building terraces into the side of the slope
b) heavily watering the vegetation on the slope
c) removing grass from the steepest slope
d) increasing the slope and adding soil

Which is a farming technique that could improve the soil and the environment?
a) placing inorganic chemical fertilizers in the soil
b) irrigating the soil with salty water
c) using fueled machines that will turn the soil continuously
d) creating undisturbed layers of mulch in the soil

All energy resources have benefits, risks, and drawbacks. Which two resources present the most dangerous risks and consequences for the environment during their acquisition?
a) oil and coal
b) coal and solar energy
c) geothermal energy and oil
d) solar energy and geothermal energy

What do the energy resources uranium and coal have in common?
a) They both are formed from the remains of dead organisms.
b) They both are acquired by mining the lithosphere.
c) They both release energy through combustion.
d) They both generate radioactive wastes.

The main disadvantage of using solar energy to generate electricity is that solar panels.
a) produce greenhouse gases.
b) produce water pollution.
c) are expensive to operate.
d) are expensive to purchase.

Ethanol is an alternative fuel made from corn. What is one of the unfavorable effects of using ethanol as a fuel?
a) decreased cost of fuel production
b) decrease in farm land available for food production
c) increase in the consumption of fossil fuels
d) increased carbon footprint from driving automobiles

Wind farms are clusters of wind turbines used to produce electricity. Often wind farms sell the electricity they produce to utility companies. New technologies have recently decreased the cost of producing electricity from wind. Which is a potential
a) It encourages public utility companies to raise the cost of electricity.
b) It enables government agencies to regulate wind power generators.
c) It allows individuals to use wind energy to power their homes.
d) It causes individuals to seek other non-renewable energy sources.

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