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What is the first sentence of a body paragraph called?
a) thesis statement
b) topic sentence
c) concluding statement
d) supporting detail

What format do we use for essay writing in LA1?
a) MLA
b) APA
c) Chicago
d) No specific format

What does it mean to paraphrase something?
a) copy something word-for-word
b) plagiarize
c) put it in your own words
d) change one word, but keep the rest the same

What is something that you DO NOT include in a body paragraph?
a) topic sentence
b) supporting details
c) concluding statement
d) thesis statement

What is the MOST important reason to include supporting details in your body paragraphs?
a) You can say whatever you want, but you need to be able to back it up.
b) They help to meet page requirements.
c) They look pretty. :)
d) Mrs. McBride said so.

What is NOT an example of a transition word?
a) first
b) finally
c) furthermore
d) fast

Why should you use transitions in your writing?
a) It helps you get from one idea to another more smoothly.
b) They help to meet the page requirements.
c) They look pretty.
d) You should never use transitions in your writing.

How many different topics should you cover in one body paragraph? (HINT: think topic sentences!!)
a) five
b) three
c) one
d) as many as you want!

What is the purpose of a concluding statement?
a) It helps to wrap up your ideas for that body paragraph.
b) It gives you an opportunity to say THE END in pretty font.
c) It gives brand-new information, which leaves your reader thinking.
d) It offers examples to support your topic sentence.

What does it mean to plagiarize?
a) You are putting an idea into your own thoughts.
b) You are using someone else's ideas and thoughts and passing them off as your own.
c) You are writing an amazing essay.
d) You are so talented that your work will soon be published.

What is the penalty for plagiarizing?
a) No credit for the assignment.
c) A verbal warning
d) An A+ for the assignment

If you use a direct quote for your assignment, what should you do?
a) nothing
b) delete it
c) cite it
d) underline it

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