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Resting in God's presence is called
a) contemplation
b) meditation
c) vocal prayer
d) love of God.

When we say the Lord's Prayer at Mass, we are using
a) immersion
b) vocal prayer
c) contemplation
d) meditation

We should pray for the strength to do _________________
a) meditation
b) contemplation
c) God's will
d) temptation

Through prayer the ____________ guides our thoughts, words and actions
a) Holy Spirit
b) love of God
c) temptation
d) shepard

Which of the following is not true about prayer?
a) Prayer can help us hear God's word
b) Our life can become a prayer
c) Sometimes prayer can be difficult
d) Silent prayer is better than vocal prayer

St. Teresa founded
a) a catholic high school
b) the Sisters of Mercy
c) the Missionaries of Charity
d) a Carmelite monastery

Saint Teresa began her work with the poor in
a) Jerusalem
b) Calcutta
c) Moscow
d) London

In Luke's Gospel, Jesus is portrayed as someone who always _____ when faced with a big decision.
a) becomes fearful
b) wants to retreat
c) asks for advice
d) prays

How did Jesus respond to each temptation?
a) by giving in
b) by saying scripture
c) by seeing the good in each temptation
d) by arguing with the devil

The ____ gave Jesus the strength to overcome tempation
a) angels
b) devil
c) apostles
d) Holy Spirit

After the third temptation, Jesus told the devil _____________.
a) to depart
b) no to test God
c) to worship God
d) to get some food

In the second temptation, the devil promised Jesus power and glory if he would
a) worship him
b) follow him
c) believe in him
d) help him

In the first temptation, why did the devil command Jesus to change stone into bread?
a) to show his power over Jesus
b) to relieve Jesus' hunger
c) to make Jesus prove he is God's son
d) to feed the poor

Why did Jesus spend 40 days and 40 nights in the desert?
a) to heal the sick
b) to pray before starting public ministry
c) to see how long he could fast
d) to be tempted by the devil

Thinking about God's presence in our lives is called
a) Contemplations
b) vocal prayer
c) meditation
d) distractions

Opening our hearts to God in different ways is called
a) prayer
b) meditation
c) Holy Spirit
d) courage

A pressure to turn away from God is called
a) temptation
b) courage
c) prayer
d) distractions

Mother (Saint) Teresa prayed for _______ to do the work God called her to do.
a) Courage
b) love of God
c) meditation
d) contemplation

In Psalms 23, the Lord is called a __________________
a) Holy Spirit
b) shepherd
c) vocal prayer
d) leader

Sometimes _______ interfere with out ability to pray.
a) Holy Spirit
b) distractions
c) God's will
d) Love of God

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