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Identify the ADJ in the following sentence. Shelly tried not to contaract chicken pox from her younger sister.
a) contract
b) chicken
c) younger
d) sister

Mark the ADJ in the sentence. After the earthquake, people said the initial tremor lasted anywhere from ten seconds to one minute
a) initial, ten, one
b) anywhere, ten, one
c) Earthquake, ten, tremor
d) one, tremor, anywhere

In the sentences below, indicate which sentence is accurately using commas.
a) i need bread milk and eggs from the store.
b) My sister wanted to bring a cooler, a chair, and a towel to the beach.
c) My mom wanted to finish the laundry clean the bathroom, and do the dishes before we went to the pool.
d) My dad packed water, sandwhiches and fruit in the cooler.

In the following sentence, idenitfy between which whoreds the comma belongs. I wanted to go the movie theater but my friend wanted to go to the mall.
a) movie, theater
b) but, my
c) friend, wanted
d) theater, but

In the following sentence, idenitfy between which words the comma belongs. In the corner of the room a night light showed the way.
a) room, a
b) light, showed
c) corner, of
d) night, light

Using the sentence below, idenify the ADJ in the sentence. Sam, that's a beautiful ring you're wearing on your left hand.
a) you're
b) ring
c) beautiful
d) wearing

An ADJ modifies which part of speech?
a) Noun
b) Adverb
c) Interjection
d) Verb

In the following sentence, which rule of commas is being used accurately? Juan, the captain of our soccer team, is ill.
a) list of items
b) introduction
c) extra information
d) sentences put together

In the following sentence, idenitfy between which words the comma belongs. Mrs. Taylor our teacher, gave us a lot of homework, but I was able to finish it.
a) Taylor, our
b) gave, us
c) it, during
d) Mrs., Taylor

In the following sentence, idenitfy the ADJ in the sentence. Our substitute teacher had a hard time trying to regain control of our class after we came back from lunch.
a) regain, teacher
b) substitute, hard
c) teacher, back
d) hard, came

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