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a) Bartlett High School classroom
b) just the planet
c) a dragon
d) all existing matter

a) nothing
b) 1-10
c) limitless
d) smaller than 100

a) another word for a birthday party
b) ceremony for a dead person, usually involves burying them
c) a new dance move
d) a place to sleep

a) someone asking for money for a person
b) a birth announcement
c) an object in space
d) a part of the newspaper where someone writes about a person who has died

a) when a president talks
b) a speech about someone who has died
c) something a person says when thanking their God
d) a person who buries dead people

a) the beginning
b) everything in front of you
c) the end, nothing is left
d) death

lung transplant
a) when a surgeon takes out your bad lungs that don't work and puts new ones in.
b) a type of snow activity.
c) a new place to live
d) a type of exercise

a) a medicine Hazel takes
b) something that blows up and hurts people
c) a type of candy
d) a new dance move

Intensive Care Unit
a) a part of the hospital for very sick people
b) a place for broken electronics
c) a place you go for a bandaid
d) where the CareBears hang out

a) a hole in the ground
b) a group of tums
c) a type of instrument
d) a growth caused by cancer

a) by chance
b) too good to be true
c) never happening
d) bad event

a) a disease in which certain cells divide and grow much faster than they normally do
b) a common cold
c) a headache
d) losing weight

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