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Definite evidence for a chemical reaction occurring would be a change in __________.
a) the substances present
b) the state of matter
c) temperature
d) density

Which of the following elements is not considered one of the six most common elements in living organisms?
a) Sulfer
b) Nitrogen
c) Phosphorus
d) Helium

The compound NaCl (table salt) is a solid at room temperature. It is composed of Sodium and Chlorine. Sodium and Chlorine are typically what phase at room temperature?
a) Sodium....Solid Chlorine....Solid
b) Sodium....Liquid Chlorine....Gas
c) Sodium....Gas Chlorine....Gas
d) Sodium....Solid Chlorine.....Gas

Which of the following BEST describes the way compounds are formed?
a) atoms of different elements are bonded together
b) atoms of the same molecules are bonded together
c) atoms of the same elements are bonded together
d) atoms of different molecules are bonded together

The photon of light that excites an electron
a) Has more energy than the photon which exits the electron
b) Has less energy than the photon which exits the electron
c) Is always red
d) Has the same amount of energy as the photon which exits the electron

How many significant figures are there in 0.000 908 000 mL?
a) 6
b) 10
c) 3
d) 42

Picture two hydrogen atoms. The electron in the first hydrogen atom is in the n=1 level. The electron in the second hydrogen atom is in the n=4 level. Which atom can emit electromagnetic radiation
a) The second atom
b) Both atoms can
c) The first atom
d) Neither only superman can emit electromagnetic radiation.

Which statement is true about an element when adding or removing protons from the nucleus of an atom?
a) an ion is created
b) an isotope is created
c) creates a different element
d) creates an identical element

According to the periodic table, which of the following elements contains more neutrons?
a) Mn
b) Fe
c) Co
d) Ni

Carbon–13 and Carbon–14 are considered to be __________ because of the differing number of neutrons.
a) elements
b) isotopes
c) protons
d) atoms

An orbital is defined as_____
a) A brand of gum that gives a good clean feeling.
b) A defined distance from the center of the nucleus where the electron will be found.
c) A region of space in which there is a high probability of finding an electron.
d) A place where the nucleus is always found.

What is the difference between the previous models of the atom and the modern quantum mechanical model?
a) The quantum mechanical model has cookies
b) The quantum mechanical model is based on probability rather than defined orbits.
c) The quantum mechanical model allows us to pinpoint the exact location of electrons.
d) The quantum mechanical model is based on defined orbits rather than probability.

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use carbon dioxide, water, and energy from the sun to form oxygen and energy–rich sugar molecules. In this reaction, oxygen and energy–rich sugar molecules are the only __________.
a) wastes
b) reactants
c) products
d) gases

Generally what is the relationship between first and second ionization energy.
a) The ionization energies should be equal
b) First ionization energy is greater than second ionization energy
c) Second ionization energy is greater than first ionization energy
d) There is no relationship between energies

The valence electrons in an atom of Sodium in the ground state are all found in
a) first orbital
b) second orbital
c) third orbital
d) fourth orbital

Which of the following statements is true regarding compounds?
a) Compounds retain the properties of the elements they are composed of.
b) Compounds are composed of two or more atoms from the same element.
c) Compounds are the simplest form of an element that retains the properties of the element.
d) A compound does not have to resemble the elements it is composed of.

When two different elements react chemically, the products of the reaction will most likely
a) have a mixture of the chemical and physical properties of the original elements.
b) have the same chemical and physical properties as the original elements.
c) have a greater total mass than the mass of the original elements.
d) have different chemical and physical properties than the original elements.

What is the molar mass (mass of one mole) of Methane gas CH4?
a) 13.008 grams
b) 16.042 grams
c) 9 grams
d) 13 grams

What is the molecular weight (molar mass) of Mn2Se7
a) 287.6 grams/mol
b) 143.8 grams/mol
c) 662.6 grams/mol
d) 331.3 grams/mol

How many moles are in 68 grams of copper (II) hydroxide, Cu(OH)2
a) .35 moles
b) .70 moles
c) 1 mole
d) 1.4 mole

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