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Dry ice is frozen _______________.
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen
c) carbon dioxide
d) water

If water has a density of 1g/cm3 and red liquid A has a density of 2.0 g/cm3, liquid A will:
a) sink below the water
b) float above the water
c) split the water in half and form a layer

_______________ is when a solid changes directly to a gas.
a) Evaporation
b) Sublimation
c) Melting
d) Condensation

Sublimation is an endothermic change because energy _________ by the substance during a change of state.
a) stays the same
b) is lost
c) is gained
d) changes every 2 seconds

Evaporation is the opposite of __________________.
a) freezing
b) sublimatioin
c) condensation
d) melting

The change of state from a liquid to a gas is __________________.
a) evaporation
b) freezing
c) melting
d) condensation

Is melting a physical or chemical property?
a) physical
b) chemical

Freezing is an ___________________ change because energy is removed from the substance as it changes state.
a) exothermic
b) endothermic
c) subliminal
d) extraterrestrial

A _____________ has definite volume and no definite shape.
a) crystal
b) gas
c) solid
d) liquid

More particles of gas inside an object = ____________ pressure.
a) higher
b) lower
c) the same amount

Melting is an _________________ change because energy is GAINED by the substance as it changes state.
a) exothermic
b) awesome
c) amorphous
d) endothermic

_____________ is the change of state from solid to liquid.
a) Evaporation
b) Melting
c) Sublimation
d) Freezing

The change of state from a liquid to a solid is called _________________.
a) freezing
b) evaporation
c) sublimation
d) condensation

Resistance to flow is know as ______________.
a) temperature
b) viscosity
c) volume
d) surface tension

Adding ________ to a substance increases the motion of the particles of a substance.
a) ice
b) molecules
c) heat
d) sugar

Boyle's Law states that:
a) as temperature goes up, volume goes down
b) as temperature goes up, volume goes up
c) as pressure goes up, volume goes up
d) as pressure goes up, volume goes down

To change a substance from one state to another, you must add or remove
a) matter
b) molecules
c) density
d) energy

An example of a chemical property is
a) ductility
b) flammability
c) malleability
d) change of state

Tearing up a sheet of paper is an example of a
a) physical change
b) rhythmic change
c) sustained change
d) chemical change

What are the 4 states of matter?
a) chemical, physical, gas, plasma
b) evaporation, condensation, freezing, melting
c) Solid, liquid, gas, plasma
d) mass, volume, density, solubility

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